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32,000 Kiruv Outreach Students from traditional and irreligious homes throughout Israel are enrolled in the 121 Chinuch Atzmai Kiruv Schools. 20,000 of these students live in periphery communities lacking an adequate Torah school.

By funding transportation for these students whose irreligious parents are unwilling or unable to pay, we are enabling them to receive a Torah education that would otherwise have been unavailable.

Additionally, the entire existence of the 121 Kiruv schools is dependent on this transportation funding. The Israeli government requires a minimum of 20 students per class  in order to provide educational funding. By strategically placing the students from periphery communities in schools that would not otherwise meet the quota, we are ensuring their continued viability.





Monthly payments of $30 x12

Bus stop with

2 children


Monthly payments of $60 x12

Bus stop with 5 children


Monthly payments of $150 x12

Van route with 

10 children


Monthly payments of $300 x12

Minibus route with

20 children


Monthly payments of $600 x12

Full bus route

50 children


Monthly payments of $1500 x12

Keren Kiruv



Monthly payments of $3000 x12


The Kiruv Organization of the

Gedolei Yisroel



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